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prop   Wikipedia   [book] 维基百科   [ 維基百科 ]   wéijībǎikē   Edit/Delete this post

The following entries have not been verified:

prop   Yuchi Jingde (尉遲敬德) (585-658), formal name Yuchi Gong (尉遲恭) but went by the courtesy name of Jingde, formally Duke Zhongwu of E (鄂忠武公), was a general of the Chinese dynasty Tang Dynasty whose bravery later caused him to be incorporated into Chinese folk religion as a door god, along with Qin Shubao. (Wikipedia) 尉迟恭   [ 尉遲恭 ]   yùchígōng   Edit/Delete this post
prop   Zhengtong (明Ming-Kaiser; 1436-1449); Wikipedia: 正统为中国明朝第六个皇帝明英宗朱祁镇登基后的年号,相对于公元1436年至1449年,前后共十四年。   [pers] 正统   [ 正統 ]   zhèngtǒng   Edit/Delete this post
n   Textbaustein (Wikipedia)   [comp] 模板消息   múbǎnxiāoxī   Edit/Delete this post


The following entries have not been verified:

n   Uncyclopedia („die inhaltsfreie Enzyklopädie, die jeder bearbeiten kann“, eine Parodie auf die Wikipedia)   [art] 伪基百科   [ 偽基百科 ]   wěijībǎikē   Edit/Delete this post
n   Qiao Zong ( 譙縱/ 谯纵Qiáo Zòng; died 413) was a Han Chinese military leader in present-day Sichuan province in China during the Eastern Jin Dynasty. Englische Wikipedia) 西蜀   xīshǔ   Edit/Delete this post
Deutsche Wikipedia 德语维基百科   [ 德語維基百科 ]   déyǔwéijībǎikē   Edit/Delete this post
(English: Jinghu English Wikipedia) 京胡   jīnghú   Edit/Delete this post
Schwedische Wikipedia   [ling] 瑞典语维基百科   [ 瑞典語維基百科 ]   ruìdiǎnyǔwéijībǎikē   Edit/Delete this post
Sperrungen von Wikipedia in der Volksrepublik China   [med] 中国大陆封锁维基媒体事件   [ 中國大陸封鎖維基媒體事件 ]   zhōngguódàlùfēngsuǒwéijīméitǐshìjiàn   Edit/Delete this post
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