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The Chinese character 履 - Chinese-German Dictionary HanDeDict


pronunciation (Pinyin): 
pronunciation (Cantonese): 
historical pronunciation (Tang): 
Kangxi radical: 
ancient variant: 

Styles of writing

履: regular script
regular script

履: regular script (using a pen)
regular script (using a pen)

履: semi-cursive script
semi-cursive script

履: clerical script
clerical script

履: serif (Songti/Mingti)
serif (Songti/Mingti)

履: Fangsongti

履: sans serif
sans serif

履: rounded

Meaning of 履 when used as a word

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  1.  n   Schritt
  2.  n   Schuh, (Pferd) beschlagen
  3.  v   auf etw treten
example:    wie auf dünnem Eis gehen, äußerst vorsichtig sein
  4.  v   ausführen, durchführen
  5.  prop    [fam]

Example: word that contains the character 履 - HSK level D

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  1.  n   Ausführung
measure word:
  2.  n   Erfüllung
measure word:
  3.  v   erfüllen
  4.  ausführen

Further example words that contain the character 履

    [ ]   (lǚxíngyìwù)

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  1.  einer Verpflichtung nachkommen

    [ ]   (lǚlì)

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  1.  n   Lebenslauf

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  1.  n   Gang, Schritt, Gehen
examples:  步履艰难  das Gehen war mühsam
步履蹒跚  humpeln
步履维艰  schwerfällig gehen, unsicheren Schrittes


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  1.  v   einen neuen Posten übernehmen
  2.  v   neues Jahr feiern

    [ ]   (zhèngrénmǎilǚ)

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  1.  adj sich selbst nicht vertrauen

    [ ]   (lǚyuē)

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  1.  Erfüllung, Leistung; sein Wort halten

    [ ]   (lǚlìbiǎo)

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  1.  n   Lebenslauf (Bewerbung)
  2.  n   Personalbogen


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  1.  sehr vorsichtig sein (müssen); sich wie auf dünnem Eis bewegen


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  1.  n   Lederschuhe
example:  西装革履  gekleidet in westliche Anzüge und Lederschuhe

    [ ]   (lǚdàijià)

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  1.  n   Raupe

    [ ]   (lǚdài)

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  1.  n   Raupenkette

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The Cantonese pronunciation(s) for this character are presented using jyutping romanization. Sources include the Unihan database and the Jyutping phrase box from the Linguistic Society of Hong Kong. The copyright of the Jyutping phrase box belongs to the Linguistic Society of Hong Kong. We would like to thank the Jyutping Group of the Linguistic Society of Hong Kong for permission to use the electronic file in our research and product development.