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The Chinese character 兜 - Chinese-German Dictionary HanDeDict


pronunciation (Pinyin): 
pronunciation (Cantonese): 
Kangxi radical: 

Styles of writing

兜: regular script
regular script

兜: regular script (using a pen)
regular script (using a pen)

兜: semi-cursive script
semi-cursive script

兜: clerical script
clerical script

兜: serif (Songti/Mingti)
serif (Songti/Mingti)

兜: Fangsongti

兜: sans serif
sans serif

兜: rounded

Meaning of 兜 when used as a word

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  1.  n    (口袋) Tasche, Tüte
  2.  n   Beutel
  3.  n   Helm
  4.  n   Kapuze
  5.  n   Kopftuch
  6.  n   Tasche
  7.  n   Trog
  8.  v    (承担) die Folgen tragen, die Verantwortung übernehemen
  9.  v    (招揽) für etwas werben, feilbieten
  10.  v    (拢住) (in ein Tuch oder in Papier) einpacken, einwickeln, einschlagen
  11.  v    (绕) um etwas herumgehen
  12.  v   bei sich tragen
  13.  v   unrechtmäßig erlangen

Example: word that contains the character 兜 - HSK level D

    [ ]   (dōur)

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  1.  n   Tasche; Tüte   [vulg]

Further example words that contain the character 兜

The following entries have not been verified:

    [ ]   (wéidōu)

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  1.  n   Lätzchen
  2.  n   Schürze


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  1.  der Tuṣita-Himmel Tuṣita [tʉʃita] (Sanskrit) / Tusita (Pali)   [buddh]


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  1.  n   Grabmonument   [buddh]
  2.  n   Heiligtum   [buddh]
  3.  Stupa (Sanskrit: m., स्तूप, stūpa)


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  1.  n   Maulkorb anlegen

    [ ]   (dōufēng)

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  1.  v   einen Ausflug machen, eine Fahrt ins Blaue machen, eine Spritztour machen


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  1.  n   Haube, Kapuze (Kopfbedeckung)


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  1.  n   traditionelles Unterhemd, das mit Bändern um den Hals und hinter dem Rücken befestigt und zugebunden wird


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  1.  v   um den heißen Brei herumreden


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  1.  n   Säckchen, Täschchen


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  1.  n   Helm
  2.  n   Metallhelm


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  1.  n   Helm   [mil]
  2.  n   Metallhelm

    [ ]   (kùdōu)

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  1.  Hostentasche


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  1.  v   mit etw. hausieren gehen

    [ ]   (wǎngdōu)

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  1.  n   Einkaufsnetz

    [ ]   (mǎdōulíng)

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  1.  Pfeifenblumen

    [ ]   (kùdōur)

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  1.  n   Hosentasche


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  1.  Tushita   [ling]


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  1.  n   Hosentasche, Jackentasche


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  1.  n   Sabberlätzchen

    [ ]   (wǎngdōur)

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  1.  n   Einkaufsnetz

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The Cantonese pronunciation(s) for this character are presented using jyutping romanization. Sources include the Unihan database and the Jyutping phrase box from the Linguistic Society of Hong Kong. The copyright of the Jyutping phrase box belongs to the Linguistic Society of Hong Kong. We would like to thank the Jyutping Group of the Linguistic Society of Hong Kong for permission to use the electronic file in our research and product development.