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n   Made   [bio] 虫子   [ 蟲子 ]   chóngzi   Edit/Delete this post
n   Wurm, Made   [bio] 蠕虫   [ 蠕蟲 ]   rúchóng   Edit/Delete this post
n   Made     Edit/Delete this post


The following entries have not been verified:

adj   speziell angefertigt, " custom made "   [econ] 订制   [ 訂製 ]   dìngzhì   Edit/Delete this post
v   English: take notes; notes made by sb. 手记   [ 手記 ]   shǒujì   Edit/Delete this post
n   (engl. traditional candy made from malt sugar) 糖瓜   tángguā   Edit/Delete this post
adj   in Deutschland hergestellt, made in Germany   [econ] 德国制造   [ 德國製造 ]   déguózhìzào   Edit/Delete this post
Training Made In Germany   [geo] 培训在德国   [ 培訓在德國 ]   péixùnzàidéguó   Edit/Delete this post
v   ein behagliches Leben führen, wie die Made im Speck leben, wie Gott in Frankreich leben   [prov] 养尊处优   [ 養尊處優 ]   yǎngzūnchǔyōu   Edit/Delete this post
Made in China 中国制造   [ 中國制造 ]   zhōngguózhìzào   Edit/Delete this post
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