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Browser Tools - Chinese-German Dictionary HanDeDict


Browser Tools

You can use the following tools to extend your browser for easier access to HanDeDict's search and translation functions.

Search in Firefox's address bar

Firefox includes a text field for quick searches next to the address field that shows the currently visited url on its navigation bar:

Firefox-Suche 1

You can also use it with HanDeDict. Just click on the following link:

add HanDeDict to Firefox search

Bookmarklet: Annotation of entire Chinese texts

To look up all words in a Chinese text, you can use the following link:

HanDeDict: Annotation of entire Chinese texts

Simply select some Chinese text (e.g. 百闻不如一见) and click on the link - your selection will automatically be pasted into HanDeDict's input area. Even better: Save the link as a bookmark (right click and "Bookmark link", "Add bookmark for link", or "Add to favorites", or pull the link onto your bookmark bar while holding down your left mouse button). Now you can visit any web page, select some Chinese text on that page and click on your bookmark to have HanDeDict add annotations for every word in the text.