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prop   Southern (Bezirk in Hongkong)   [geo] 南区   [ 南區 ]   nánqū   Edit/Delete this post


prop   University of Southern California, USC (Privatuniversität in Los Angeles, Kalifornien) 南加州大学   [ 南加州大學 ]   nánjiāzhōudàxué   Edit/Delete this post

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(Magar is a Sino-Tibetan ethnic group of Nepal and northern India whose homeland extends from the western and southern edges of the Dhaulagiri section of the high Himalayas range south to the prominent Mahabharat foothill range and eastward into the Gandaki basin.) 马嘉人   [ 馬嘉人 ]   mǎjiārén   Edit/Delete this post
Operation Southern Watch   [mil] 南方守望军事行动   [ 南方守望軍事行動 ]   nánfāngshǒuwàngjūnshìxíngdòng   Edit/Delete this post
Southern Blot, DNA-Blot   [chem] 南方墨点法   [ 南方墨點法 ]   nánfāngmòdiǎnfǎ   Edit/Delete this post
prop   China Southern Airlines (abbreviation of 中国南方航空股份有限公司) 南航   nánháng   Edit/Delete this post
prop   Nanfang Zhoumo (English: Southern Weekend; Wochenzeitung aus Guangzhou) 南方周末   nánfāngzhōumò   Edit/Delete this post
prop   China Southern Airlines   [econ] 中国南方航空股份有限公司   [ 中國南方航空股份有限公司 ]   zhōngguónánfānghángkōnggǔfènyǒuxiàngōngsī   Edit/Delete this post
prop   China Southern Airlines   [econ] 中国南方航空   [ 中國南方航空 ]   zhōngguónánfānghángkōng   Edit/Delete this post
prop   China Southern Airlines (abbreviation of 中国南方航空股份有限公司)   [econ] 中国南方航空公司   [ 中國南方航空公司 ]   zhōngguónánfānghángkōnggōngsī   Edit/Delete this post
prop   China Southern Power Grid   [econ] 中国南方电网有限责任公司   [ 中國南方電網有限責任公司 ]   zhōngguónánfāngdiànwǎngyǒuxiànzérèngōngsī   Edit/Delete this post
Southern All Stars 南方之星   nánfāngzhīxīng   Edit/Delete this post
prop   Emperor He of Southern Qi   (488 - 502)     [pers] 萧宝融   [ 蕭寶融 ]   xiāobǎoróng   Edit/Delete this post
n   Southern Baptist Convention   [phil] 美南浸信会   [ 美南浸信會 ]   měinánjìnxìnhuì   Edit/Delete this post
Southern Methodist University 南方卫理公会大学   [ 南方衛理公會大學 ]   nánfāngwèilǐgōnghuìdàxué   Edit/Delete this post
European Southern Observatory 欧洲南方天文台   [ 歐洲南方天文台 ]   ōuzhōunánfāngtiānwéntái   Edit/Delete this post
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