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n   relative Selbständigkeit, relative Eigenständigkeit 相对独立性   [ 相對獨立性 ]   xiāngduìdúlìxìng   Edit/Delete this post

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(English: (idiom) used between nouns to indicate relative size or importance, A is greater than B) 大于   [ 大於 ]   dàyú   Edit/Delete this post
relative Höhe, Über- oder Unterlegenheit 高低   gāodī   Edit/Delete this post
n   relative Adresse 相对地址   [ 相對地址 ]   xiāngduìdìzhǐ   Edit/Delete this post
n   relative Luftfeuchtigkeit 相对空气湿度   [ 相對空氣濕度 ]   xiāngduìkōngqìshīdù   Edit/Delete this post
(a close neighbour means more than a distant relative) 远亲不如近邻   [ 遠親不如近鄰 ]   yuǎnqīnbùrújìnlín   Edit/Delete this post
n   Relative Strength Index   [econ] 相对强弱指数   [ 相對強弱指數 ]   xiāngduìqiángruòzhǐshù   Edit/Delete this post
relative Feuchtigkeit   [met] 相对湿度   [ 相對濕度 ]   xiāngduìshīdù   Edit/Delete this post
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