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(Magar is a Sino-Tibetan ethnic group of Nepal and northern India whose homeland extends from the western and southern edges of the Dhaulagiri section of the high Himalayas range south to the prominent Mahabharat foothill range and eastward into the Gandaki basin.) 马嘉人   [ 馬嘉人 ]   mǎjiārén   Edit/Delete this post
Driving Range (Übungsbereich zum Üben langer Schläge) 高尔夫练习场   [ 高爾夫練習場 ]   gāo'ěrfūliànxíchǎng   Edit/Delete this post
n   Range Rover 兰治罗孚   [ 蘭治羅孚 ]   lánzhìluófú   Edit/Delete this post
High Dynamic Range Rendering 高动态光照渲染   [ 高動態光照渲染 ]   gāodòngtàiguāngzhàoxuànrǎn   Edit/Delete this post
Extended-range Twin-engine Operation Performance Standards 双发延程飞行   [ 雙發延程飛行 ]   shuāngfāyánchéngfēixíng   Edit/Delete this post
White Sands Missile Range   [mil] 白沙导弹靶场   [ 白沙導彈靶場 ]   báishādǎodànbǎchǎng   Edit/Delete this post
n   Great Dividing Range   [geo] 大分水岭   [ 大分水嶺 ]   dàfēnshuǐlǐng   Edit/Delete this post
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