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Eine Welt, ein Traum (One world - one dream), Slogan Olympia 2008 同一个世界同一个梦想   [ 同一個世界同一個夢想 ]   tóngyīgèshìjiètóngyīgèmèngxiǎng   Edit/Delete this post
n   mit einem einzigen Versuch erledigt (one-shot kill), author: 上海日报   [book] 一枪头   [ 一槍頭 ]   yīqiāngtóu   Edit/Delete this post
n   One-Night-Stand 一夜情   yīyèqíng   Edit/Delete this post

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(English: grade splitting bridge for road traffic, one road goes on top and the other below) 立交桥   [ 立交橋 ]   lìjiāoqiáo   Edit/Delete this post
n   (English: (saying) use back door connections to get an advantage; use influence to get what one wants) 走后门   [ 走后門 ]   zǒuhòumén   Edit/Delete this post
n   One-Liner 短笑话   [ 短笑話 ]   duǎnxiàohuà   Edit/Delete this post
prop   One Island East Centre   [arch] 港岛东中心   [ 港島東中心 ]   gǎngdǎodōngzhōngxīn   Edit/Delete this post
prop   One Island East   [arch] 港岛东中心   [ 港島東中心 ]   gǎngdǎodōngzhōngxīn   Edit/Delete this post
Air Force One 空军一号   [ 空軍一號 ]   kōngjūnyīhào   Edit/Delete this post
n   One-To-One-Marketing   [econ] 一对一营销   [ 一對一營銷 ]   yīduìyīyíngxiāo   Edit/Delete this post
Football League One 英格兰足球甲级联赛   [ 英格蘭足球甲級聯賽 ]   yīnggélánzúqiújiǎjíliánsài   Edit/Delete this post
n   One Click Charity Donation 点击捐赠   [ 點擊捐贈 ]   diǎnjījuānzèng   Edit/Delete this post
One Piece 海贼王   [ 海賊王 ]   hǎizéiwáng   Edit/Delete this post
prop   101 Dalmatiner (Originaltitel: One Hundred and One Dalmatians)   [art] 101忠狗   101 zhōnggǒu   Edit/Delete this post
Keiner wenigerNot One Less 一个都不能少   [ 一個都不能少 ]   yīgèdōubùnéngshǎo   Edit/Delete this post
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