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(English: (idiom) used between nouns to indicate relative size or importance, A is greater than B) 大于   [ 大於 ]   dàyú   Edit/Delete this post
(Magar is a Sino-Tibetan ethnic group of Nepal and northern India whose homeland extends from the western and southern edges of the Dhaulagiri section of the high Himalayas range south to the prominent Mahabharat foothill range and eastward into the Gandaki basin.) 马嘉人   [ 馬嘉人 ]   mǎjiārén   Edit/Delete this post
WYSIWYG (english: What you see is what you get. - Deutsch: Was du siehst, ist das, was du bekommst.)   [comp] 所见即所得   [ 所見即所得 ]   suǒjiànjísuǒdé   Edit/Delete this post
(English: It is better to travel hopefully than to arrive.)   [prov] 充满希望的跋涉比到达目的地更能给人乐趣   [ 充滿希望的跋涉比到達目的地更能給人樂趣 ]   chōngmǎnxīwàngdebáshèbǐdàodámùdìdìgēngnénggěirénlèqù   Edit/Delete this post
amicus certus in re incerta cernitur; a friend in need is a friend indeed 患难见真情   [ 患難見真情 ]   huànnànjiànzhēnqíng   Edit/Delete this post
n   Markenrecht (iS eines subjektiven Rechts an einer Marke eines Einzelnen gegenüber anderen)   [law] 商标权   [ 商標權 ]   shāngbiāoquán   Edit/Delete this post
Markenrecht (iS von objektivem Recht) 商标法   [ 商標法 ]   shāngbiāofǎ   Edit/Delete this post
Örgryte IS 奥基迪   [ 奧基迪 ]   àojīdí   Edit/Delete this post
Örgryte IS   [sport] 奥尔格里特足球俱乐部   [ 奧爾格里特足球俱樂部 ]   ào'ěrgélǐtézúqiújùlèbù   Edit/Delete this post
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