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n   Beryllium (Element 4, Be)   [chem]   [ ]     Edit/Delete this post

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v   be-/einschränken     Edit/Delete this post


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prop   Yuchi Jingde (尉遲敬德) (585-658), formal name Yuchi Gong (尉遲恭) but went by the courtesy name of Jingde, formally Duke Zhongwu of E (鄂忠武公), was a general of the Chinese dynasty Tang Dynasty whose bravery later caused him to be incorporated into Chinese folk religion as a door god, along with Qin Shubao. (Wikipedia) 尉迟恭   [ 尉遲恭 ]   yùchígōng   Edit/Delete this post
n   Langnase ??? oder doch 高鼻子, Because I do not like to be called "laowai" or "gaobizi" ..... 大鼻子   dàbízǐ   Edit/Delete this post
be sent (abroad to study, to work, etc.) by the state 公派   gōngpài   Edit/Delete this post
v   (Englisch: be full of twists and turns) 千回百转   [ 千回百轉 ]   qiānhuíbǎizhuǎn   Edit/Delete this post
adj   (English: be required by circumstances) 势在必行   [ 勢在必行 ]   shìzàibìxíng   Edit/Delete this post
(E: to be enrolled into a department) 入系   rùxì   Edit/Delete this post
n   Erniedrigungszeichen (das Be, ♭)   [mus] 降号   [ 降號 ]   jiànghào   Edit/Delete this post
n   Be- und Entwässerung 排灌   páiguàn   Edit/Delete this post
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