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prop   Singapore   [geo] 星岛   [ 星島 ]   xīngdǎo   Edit/Delete this post


prop   Singapore Computer Systems Ltd (CSC)   [econ] 新波电脑   [ 新波電腦 ]   xīnbōdiànnǎo   Edit/Delete this post

The following entries have not been verified:

prop   Singapore Airlines   [econ] 新加坡航空   xīnjiāpōhángkōng   Edit/Delete this post
prop   Prime Minister of Singapore   [pers] 新加坡总理   [ 新加坡總理 ]   xīnjiāpōzǒnglǐ   Edit/Delete this post
prop   Singapore Airlines   [econ] 新加坡航空公司   xīnjiāpōhángkōnggōngsī   Edit/Delete this post
National University of Singapore 新加坡国立大学   [ 新加坡國立大學 ]   xīnjiāpōguólìdàxué   Edit/Delete this post
Singapore Management University   [econ] 新加坡管理大学   [ 新加坡管理大學 ]   xīnjiāpōguǎnlǐdàxué   Edit/Delete this post
Government of Singapore Investment Corporation 新加坡政府投资公司   [ 新加坡政府投資公司 ]   xīnjiāpōzhèngfǔtóuzīgōngsī   Edit/Delete this post
Singapore Exchange 新加坡交易所   xīnjiāpōjiāoyìsuǒ   Edit/Delete this post
Singapore River   [geo] 新加坡河   xīnjiāpōhé   Edit/Delete this post
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