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prop   Shou   [fam]   shǒu   Edit/Delete this post


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n   Fester Stand (beim Tui Shou/ Push Hands/ Schiebende Hände)   [sport] 定步   dìngbù   Edit/Delete this post
Beweglicher Schritt (beim Tui Shou/ Push Hands/ Schiebende Hände)   [sport] 活步   huóbù   Edit/Delete this post
n   Tui Shou (chin. Lehnwort)   [sport] 推手   tuīshǒu   Edit/Delete this post
prop   Li Shou   (300 - 343)     [pers] 李寿   [ 李壽 ]   lǐshòu   Edit/Delete this post
prop   Shou Wang-Gemeinde   [org] 守望教会   [ 守望教會 ]   shǒuwàngjiàohuì   Edit/Delete this post
prop   Kreis Shou (Provinz Anhui, China)   [geo] 寿县   [ 壽縣 ]   shòuxiàn   Edit/Delete this post
prop   Chen Shou   (233 - 297)     [pers] 陈寿   [ 陳壽 ]   chénshòu   Edit/Delete this post
prop   Ju Shou   (died 200)     [pers] 沮授   jǔshòu   Edit/Delete this post
prop   Wei Shou   (506 - 572)     [pers] 魏收   wèishōu   Edit/Delete this post
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