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n   Englisch: pagoda tree, Chinese scholartree, Japanese pagodatree ( lat. Styphnolobium japonicum, Sophora japonica )   [bio] 槐树   [ 槐樹 ]   huáishù   Edit/Delete this post
n   Japanese Language Proficiency Test 日本语能力试验   [ 日本語能力試驗 ]   rìběnyǔnénglìshìyàn   Edit/Delete this post
Japanese Academy Awards 日剧学院赏   [ 日劇學院賞 ]   rìjùxuéyuànshǎng   Edit/Delete this post
prop   Japanese-Brazilian   [pers] 日裔巴西人   rìyìbāxīrén   Edit/Delete this post
n   Japanese Language Proficiency Test   [ling] 日本语能力测试   [ 日本語能力測試 ]   rìběnyǔnénglìcèshì   Edit/Delete this post
Japanese National Railways 日本国有铁道   [ 日本國有鐵道 ]   rìběnguóyǒutiědào   Edit/Delete this post
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