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prop   Wei Xu (General unter Bu, Han-Dynastie)   [pers] 魏续   [ 魏續 ]   wèixù   Edit/Delete this post

The following entries have not been verified:

n   Han-Dynastie (206 v. Chr.–9 n. Chr. / 23 n. Chr.–220 n. Chr.)   [hist] 汉朝   [ 漢朝 ]   hàncháo   Edit/Delete this post
Han-Dynastie 汉家   [ 漢家 ]   hànjiā   Edit/Delete this post
Han-Dynastie 汉室   [ 漢室 ]   hànshì   Edit/Delete this post

Hits that extend over more than one word

prop   Han Wudi, Kaiser der Han-Dynastie.   (156 BC - 87 BC)     [pers] 汉武帝   [ 漢武帝 ]   hànwǔdì   Edit/Delete this post

The following entries have not been verified:

prop   Cao Can (chin. Politiker der Han-Dynastie)   (died 190 BC)     [pers] 曹参   [ 曹參 ]   cáocān   Edit/Delete this post
prop   alter Name für Volksstämme im Norden während der Qin- und Han-Dynastie   [hist]     Edit/Delete this post
prop   Han Shundi - war der siebte Kaiser der Han-Dynastie.   (115 - 144)     [pers] 汉顺帝   [ 漢順帝 ]   hànshùndì   Edit/Delete this post
n   Westliche Han-Dynastie   [hist] 西汉   [ 西漢 ]   xīhàn   Edit/Delete this post
n   Zum Ende der Östlichen Han-Dynastie 东汉末年   [ 東漢末年 ]   dōnghànmònián   Edit/Delete this post
östliche Han-Dynastie 东汉   [ 東漢 ]   dōnghàn   Edit/Delete this post
Spätere Han-Dynastie 后汉   [ 後漢 ]   hòuhàn   Edit/Delete this post
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