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all you can drink 无限畅饮   [ 無限暢飲 ]   wúxiànchàngyǐn   Edit/Delete this post
"All you can eat" 吃到饱   [ 吃到飽 ]   chīdàobǎo   Edit/Delete this post
prop   Cao Can (chin. Politiker der Han-Dynastie)   (died 190 BC)     [pers] 曹参   [ 曹參 ]   cáocān   Edit/Delete this post
prop   Catch Me If You Can (US-amerikanischer Spielfilm, 2002)   [art] 我知道你是谁   [ 我知道你是誰 ]   wǒzhīdaonǐshìshéi   Edit/Delete this post
prop   Die Reisen des Lao Can   [book] 老残游记   [ 老殘遊記 ]   lǎocányóujì   Edit/Delete this post
prop   Wang Can   (177 - 217)     [pers] 王粲   wángcàn   Edit/Delete this post
prop   Catch Me If You Can (US-amerikanischer Film)   [art] 捉智双雄   [ 捉智雙雄 ]   zhuōzhìshuāngxióng   Edit/Delete this post
prop   Liu Can   (died 318)     [pers] 刘粲   [ 劉粲 ]   liúcàn   Edit/Delete this post
Dead Can Dance 死亡之舞   sǐwángzhīwǔ   Edit/Delete this post
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