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prop   Beifuß (lat: Artemisia)   [bio]   ài   Edit/Delete this post

The following entry has not been verified:

Beifuß (Artemisia)   chén   Edit/Delete this post


prop   Chinesischer Beifuß (lat: Artemisia argyi)   [bio] 艾草   àicǎo   Edit/Delete this post
prop   Gewöhnlicher Beifuß, Gemeiner Beifuß (lat: Artemisia vulgaris)   [bio] 北艾   běi'ài   Edit/Delete this post
prop   Feld-Beifuß (lat: Artemisia campestris)   [bio] 荒野蒿   huāngyěhāo   Edit/Delete this post
prop   Einjähriger Beifuß (lat: Artemisia annua)   [bio] 黄花蒿   [ 黃花蒿 ]   huánghuāhāo   Edit/Delete this post
prop   Wüsten-Beifuß, Steppen-Beifuß, Wüstensalbei (lat: Artemisia tridentata)   [bio] 三齿艾   [ 三齒艾 ]   sānchǐ'ài   Edit/Delete this post
prop   Gmelin-Beifuß (lat: Artemisia gmelinii)   [bio] 细裂叶莲蒿   [ 細裂葉蓮蒿 ]   xìlièyèliánhāo   Edit/Delete this post
prop   Wermut, Gemeiner Wermut, Wermutkraut, Bitterer Beifuß (lat: Artemisia absinthium)   [bio] 中亚苦蒿   [ 中亞苦蒿 ]   zhōngyàkǔhāo   Edit/Delete this post

The following entry has not been verified:

n   Japanisches Moxakraut [ eine Beifuß-Art, lat. Artemisia princeps ]   [bio] 艾蒿   àihāo   Edit/Delete this post
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